Latest Android Phone from Mobiado Technology More Sophisticated

 Latest Android Phone Gadget The Advanced Technology with a transparent screen as one of the Mobiado luxury phone makers and car maker Aston Martin's fastest time of water is reportedly trying to get the latest mobile phone with a transparent screen. This phone will use the Android OS and is still in draft form.
                                                        Foto HP Android Transparan
Foto HP Android TransparanMobiado mobile phone concept called CTP002 is essentially a transparent sapphire glass with aluminum frame. From this concept could have predicted this tool successfully, but for now Mobiado Mobiado CTP002 celebrate the launch of the series.

Planned to be installed in the handset SIM card slot and a battery that could hold power long enough. The device also been exhibited at an exhibition event. Mobile phones will be connected to the vehicle and the screen. in a car that displays road map through the Foursquare. There is an integrated camera that can take pictures in certain intervals which can then be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Gambar Foto Ponsel Android Terbaru
Gambar Foto Ponsel Android Terbaru
 The concept of "New Android Phone The Advanced Technology" from Mobiado will now be exhibited in BaseWorld, Switzerland. The exhibition is targeted to those looking for stylish jewelry. via Teknoup


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