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Rather long pRista also makes no new posts due to activity in kampur, this time pRIsta will make a post about Triond is one of the internet service that will accept writings, articles, poetry and even we, may pRista rather have known, for those who already know Triond may have stale, but for those not familiar with Triond, it never hurts to introduce pRista.TriondProgram is perfect hobby for anyone who writes articles on the internet, because every article that we sent and aprove by TRIOND and if there is the article we are then we are paid, more unique, the article that we send will be promoted by triond automatically to the well-known search engines and in promosikannya on the site - the site's traffic excange their own networks. Thus, articles / content we will be much viewed by visitors from outside.In addition TRIOND is perfect for anyone who pursue business google adsense, because we can also send goole adsense account code, the more content we are unique, the more widespread and many see the article / content to us from outside, especially from the USA and Europe, as a member on TRIOND majority of the USA. So there are two sources of income that we can from TRIOND. You can also upload videos, aoudio, and send photos in TRIOND.The first source of people who open our content from the browser and the second from the results of our adsense clicks in the article. Articles / Content that we make must be original and not the result copypaste, karrena if we are not the original article or copy and paste the results certainly do not approve by triond.TRIOND was launched in June 2006 and until now still exsis. I myself joined in triond in March 2011, and the first month I only get $ 0. 89 USD to send 2 pieces of articles, then the second month to $ 2.06 USD and the number of articles 5 pieces that I submit, until this May was nearly 72 articles that I send, and in my account already exists $ 23.84 USD at the moment I post this article. And that without the income from adsense.Triond Payment via PAYPAL There are two, namely, the minimum payment of $ 0.05 USD and is payable every 10th of each month and through Western Union Bank, similar to a payment from Google Adsense, but for Triond mininum payment of $ 50. Besides, in TRIOND also we can find as many friends from around the world who have become a member triond and is one of the program to create google adsense account. If interested, please JOIN FREE HERE:


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