Evidence Facebook Involved In Egyptian Revolution

After a long silent on Facebook direct involvement in the revolution that ended with the fall of Egypt Hosni Mubarak some time ago, now Facebook can no longer deny their involvement in the revolution. Mashable.com noted several reports showing the involvement of an active rather than a few leaders up to support the revolution.
According to the Daily Beast, Facebook is reportedly working to protect the identity of Egyptian activists. This news site claims to obtain e-mail from Facebook executives and administrators of a Page in Facebook with the name of We Are All Khaled Said, who is the beginning of the epicenter of this digital revolution. Facebook Page was created to remember an Egyptian man who was killed last summer by the police.
Furthermore Daily Beast says that Facebook executives take the unusual step to protect the identity of the protest leaders during the revolt of Egypt. On January 25 the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, protesters in Egypt which may not be able to contact their friends all over Egypt to hold simultaneous demonstrations. An admin of a Page on Facebook has been asked for help top executives up to help spread the email.

Shortly afterwards Page on Facebook has become very popular and become the online place for protesters to gather and be the start of the revolution movement. Every day there are always updates at the wall and as many as 400 thousand fans. This page contains a variety of application were the fires that joined the demonstrators in Egypt. Protesters continue to join it makes concern for administrators page called We Are All the Khaled Said. Administrator Mubarak regime felt the government would launch a cyber attack to close Page or arresting the managers. Up to this point has not been clear whether the Facebook provides assistance. 

Facebook Terlibat Revolusi Mesir

Facebook page We Are All Khaled Said, source: https://www.facebook.com/ElShaheeed
On a night of January 25, Richard Allan, Director of Policy for Europe to respond Facebook Page on Facebook administrators concerns by saying:
"We have put all the key pages into special protection," he wrote in an email. A team, he said, "Egypt is monitoring the activity from now on a 24 / 7 basis."
This means that officially or not (in the person of Richard Allan) Facebook has been giving special protection to Page We Are All Khaled Said Agat are not vulnerable to the Egyptian government or its administrators are not easily rounded up. By giving special protection to this page, Facebook has played a role as a gathering place for activists to unite pro-revolution forces of Egypt and to continue their march, gaining strength as Hosni Mubarak also do not want to come down from his post. But Richard Allan refused to comment on this.
He himself joined Facebook in June 2009. In an interview in August with the Financial Times, he said that among his responsibilities is to make a deal with censorship, freedom of speech and privacy, and Facebook to promote the public interest.


With his background as someone who likes the freedom of speech and against censorship and placed in a position that was decisive in Facebook is not impossible that Richard Allan has been using his position either official or not to support the Egyptian revolution. A former employee of Facebook said that Richard Allan has the power to send emails to anyone with an interest in a particular situation.
Thus, intentionally or not does Facebook have played quite a lot in the Egyptian revolution that overthrew the regime of Hosni Mubarak. After the success of the revolution, the increase in Egypt Facebook users increased by surprise. Do not know also whether the success of the revolution is to make Egyptians feel should be grateful to Facebook with a gang member.
It is also interesting to see, the Internet network outages by the Egyptian government for several days did not dampen the fire of revolution in Egypt, but Facebook can only be visited if there is an internet connection. This indicates that the wave of the revolution was already big enough, Facebook plays together the waves and when it was united, it can no longer be stopped even by disconnecting the Internet connection.


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