How Can I Use WinRAR To Password Protect My Files

As many people share and use the same computer it would be highly impractical to create a user for each person who uses the computer. However some people may want to have confidential and private files which can be accessed only by them. Privacy still plays a very prominent and significant role yet at times different ways and solutions have to be adopted. One such solution is to correctly and securely learn how to password protect a file.
In reality password protecting a file is a very simple procedure. The other advantage besides learning how to password protects files is to bear in mind that they are free. The WinRAR Program is the best program for you to learn how to protect files easily. WinRar’s basic function is not to password protect a file, but it can be used to do a number of tasks with your files all related to computer security and at the same time it teaches you to password protect files as well.
The first thing to do is to download WinRAR from the internet and install it. Once WinRAR has been installed you need to right click on the file you want to password protect. Then click on the option which allows you to add the files to an archive. Once this option has been selected go to the advanced tab on the menu that shows up. There is a button allowing you to set a password for your file.
Once you have set the password for your file go back to the first tab and check the box and delete the original file after it has bee archived in the password protection file. The importance of this is because the original file will still be unprotected by a password if it’s not deleted. Incase your uncomfortable about deleting the original password the other best option is to transfer the file onto a different media storage device like a jump drive.
Follow these simple steps given above to protect you important files making sure only you have access to it with your own password.


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