Being Realistic With SEO Is Step

I come across some crazy things sometimes in this industry and I wonder how and why sometimes people feel they deserve to be successful online after one month when other businesses have spent years putting in hard work to build up their brands in the online space. If you are getting involved in the internet marketing space you really need to be realistic with everything surrounding you online.

I hear people say things like I want 500 quality links in the next 2 weeks. Or I need 1000 unique visitors daily fast. Seriously? Come on you need to be realistic. First of all why is it that you deserve these numbers? Have you put in the leg work in your industry to get these types of numbers? Or did you read how search engine optimization helps you with inbound traffic and you assumed you can leap frog the important part of building a business, time.
Being realistic with yourself should be the very first thing you do when you venture into the online space with any business. The reality is that the industry is something different than what it once was and whether you remember how it was back in the day or if you just started, things take time. I think it is crazy when I hear these types of requests because it really takes time and effort to create a business online. If someone got you 500 links in 2 weeks I would worry about the health of your website because that would most likely be a black hat SEO approach which you don’t want.
Search engine marketing takes time and patience and most importantly a realistic approach. Take the time to learn what it really requires to increase traffic flow before you throw out crazy requests in the industry. One thing you don’t want to happen is to be disappointed when your requests are not satisfied and your feelings towards the SEO industry make you feel like it is a scam. You just have to take a step back and realize that it takes time to rank and build traffic in almost any niche out there.


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