Computer Networking

Computer Networking

For small-scale devices that can be used as a data communication medium is a computer network (Local Area Network), which can be developed using the technology even more into international networks (Internet) and this diera growing data communications with a variety of applications.

The characteristics of computer networks:

1. share of hardware (hardware).
2. sharing software (software).
3. shared communication channels (internet).
4. sharing of data with ease.
5. facilitate communication between network users.

As for the main applications that run on computer networks in general are:
• Electronic mail
• Discussion / conferences electronically
• Sending a file / file electronically
• Access to distributed databases.
• Facilities talnet to work on a remote computer.
• And many more in accordance with its development.

Computer Networking Type:

1.LAN (Local Area Network)
2.MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
3.WAN (Wide Area Network)

Hardware needed in general:

The hardware needed to build a computer network, namely: Computers as either server or client, Network Card, Hub, and everything to do with network connections such as printers, CD-ROMs, scanners, Bridges, Routers and other data needed for the transformation process in the network.

Basic Computer Network Configuration:
Every computer on a network as well as small-scale residential neighborhood to have the address of a computer is often called an IP address, using TCP / IP protocol for addressing a type of computer.

Here are a few utilities basic computer network configuration commands are:


To check whether a computer is connected properly on the network.


In general, to see the network configuration on a computer, for example to determine the host, ip address, subnet mask and others.


Search on a network routing network.


To find out the status of the network.


To find the IP address of a domain or site address.


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