Advantages and Weaknesses of Windows 7

Windows 7 beta (test) has terilis and reportedly later this year or early 2010 the final version will appear. Actually, Windows 7 is a derivative child of Windows Vista. Where not too noticeable changes. Meanwhile, if the change from Windows 2000 to XP, and XP to Windows Vista, there was a total change.

And that is in question here, what is the advantages and weaknesses of windows 7 which is a product of Microsoft's operating system than previous Windows versions?

1. booting / shutdown faster
2. power consumption CPU, hard disk (HD) and memory required fewer system service
3. Prefetching optimizes both for HD and SSD
4. Better views in terms of three prominent demensinya
5. Features sekurity really tight.

Weaknesses / Disadvantages:
1. Some applications can not be operated in Windows 7
2. Bug in Windows Player 12
3. There is hardware that can be immediately recognized in Vista, but not in Windows 7
4. It's hard to force the software that previously could be forced installed in Vista, also installed in Windows 7

But because the show is still a trial version, so that there are still many shortcomings. "It looks closer to Windows Vista and looks more alive. But for as a whole is not yet able to assess, because the final version has not come out.


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I have been using Windows 7 from past 6 months but never thought about these much details on the benefits and weak points of this.Your blog provide interesting analysis.

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